Cagliari wine tasting with a view

If your passion is archaeology you are in the right place!

From Cagliari to the countryside for a wine tasting to taste the secrets of Sardinia countryside

Cagliari wine tasting with a view

Cagliari wine tasting with a view, an unmissable opportunity to discover the most authentic Sardinia and the true soul of the island in complete safety.
escursione culturale da cagliari alla campagna

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Cagliari wine tasting with a view

With your Inside Sardinia Guide you will discover villages where people are still earning a living through agriculture, farming and handcrafting; where time seems to pass more slowly and the chaos of the city is just a hallucination!

With our excursions you will travel through time hearing stories and tales of a unique land, and taste the flavors and wines of an ancient island:


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Cagliari wine tasting with a view

From Cagliari to the countryside for a wine tasting to taste the secrets of Sardinia countryside.

Cagliari is an emblem of evolution, change, freshness and life surrounded by water.

It is situated in south Sardinia, in the middle of the Angels Gulf and between the Molentargius and Santa Gilla lagoons.

In the regional park of Molentargius, that in the past was a salt-pan, you can easily view pink flamingos, purple herons, little egrets, marsh harriers, sandwich terns and black-winged stilts from the observation points.

Besides the coastline, touring in-land offers all sorts of surprises.

Rich in its diversity of landscapes, alive with the variety of its flora and fauna, the sardinian countryside is astoundingly beautiful – a place where the soaring peaks of craggy mountains sit juxtaposed against the lush softness of the rural landscape.

You will find a picturesque landscape: fertile valleys, gentle hills dotted with wheat, grape and olive trees. So breathe in, and let the natural surroundings inspire you!

Time stands still in small sardinian villages that scatter the countryside.

All throughout Sardinia, you can visit villages where local farmers go door-to-door with fresh sheep’s milk, homes engulfed with the smell of bread.

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After a short stop in the historic center of Cagliari we will reach the Monte Urpinu viewpoint for a view of the park of Molentargius and the Gulf of Cagliari.

The Molentargius-Saline extends across 1,600 hectares in the extreme southern part of the Campidano plain, overlooking the Golfo degli Angeli (Gulf of the Angels) and bordered by Cagliari urbanisation of Quartu Sant’Elena, Quartucciu and Selargius, and by the seafront of the beautiful Poetto.

Its uniqueness can be perceived even from the peaks of Monte Urpinu and Sella del Diavolo.

After a transfer of about 25 minutes we will find ourselves immersed in nature, among the hills of the Sardinian countryside: here we will visit the vineyard and taste the wines produced by a local producer, and typical products of the area.

A guided tour through an itinerary rich in history, anecdotes and curiosities that will allow you to discover the “most authentic Sardinia” which ends in contact with nature in a vineyard in a panoramic position and a few steps from Cagliari.

Brief history of Cagliari

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Details of tour:

Duration of the guided tour: 4 hours
Difficulty: easy
Additional services: transfer


Where we are

Picturesque historical districts with sea views, elegant shopping streets and panoramic terraces.  Cagliari is Sardinia’s main city (150,000 inhabitants) as well as the island’s gateway port.

The city’s history goes back thousands of years, from pre-historic times to the reign of the Savoy.


Make the visit to a more experimental historical site combining it with one of our “Experiences” where you will be the protagonist: this will make the day even more complete and exciting.


Cagliari wine tasting with a view

 you will discover

Cagliari wine tasting with a view
La sella del diavolo

The Devil’s Saddle, like the whole promontory of St. Elia, consists of sedimentary rocks of Miocene Epoch, and it is geologically quite young.

Inside these rocks, several small caves were formed and inhabited by humans since the sixth millennium BC.

The origin of the name comes from a legend, according to which the devils, fascinated by the beauty of the gulf of Cagliari, tried to seize it.

Thereafter, God sent his favoured angels led by Archangel Michael, to banish Lucifer and his followers.

The battle was fought in the skies over the gulf and today we still have two theories.

The best known is that Lucifer, while escaping, was thrown from his horse and lost his seat that remained in the waters of the gulf and turned to stone, giving rise to the promontory.

Why flamingos are pink

Actually, flamingos are not pink.

They are born with grey feathers, which gradually turn pink in the wild because of a natural pink dye called canthaxanthin that they obtain from their diet of brine shrimp and blue-green algae.

"Spiaggia dei Centomila" (beach of a hundred thousand)

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the inhabitants of Cagliari favoured the western part of the Golfo degli Angeli.

Then, little by little, as they began to appreciate the white dunes, the first establishments, a kiosk and a summer camp were created and, lastly, the famous multicoloured bathing huts were built (and then completely removed in 1986).

Over time, the area has become increasingly populated, earning it the name of “Spiaggia dei Centomila”(beach of a hundred thousand).

Today, the Poetto is the undisputed ‘sea’ of Cagliari’s hinterland, one of the largest city beaches in Europe, as well as the most beautiful and frequented island.

A favourite destination for those visiting the capital in summer or any sunny day throughout the year, also being a perfect stop to enjoy a coffee or aperitif accompanied by the sea breeze.

The city on the seven hills

Located in the southern part of Sardinia, in a gulf that is among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, Cagliari sits on seven hills, like Rome.

The calcareous nature of these hills imparts the image of a city full of a bright white light.

Set between the blue shades of the sky and sea, the Sardinian capital immediately enraptures its visitors, as if in a welcoming embrace.

Those who travel with me are an active part and make their own contribution to each experience, with their own character and personality

Laura Sedda tourist guide

Archaeologist specialized in prehistory of Sardinia

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