The 4 must-see excursions in Sardinia

to discover the culture, traditions and ancient flavors of a fascinating island

live with us the emotions of the most authentic Sardinia

for you the 4 must-see excursions to do in Sardinia chosen for your holidays

The 4 must-see excursions in Sardinia

If you are looking for a must-see excursion in Sardinia to make your holidays unforgettable


Yes, planning holidays is often hard. The time available and the budget always seem to not be enough, choosing where and what to do safely can become stressful, but don’t worry:

you are in the right place, at the right time!


Thanks to our expert guides we have chosen for you

The 4 must-see excursions in Sardinia

With our excursions you will travel through time hearing stories and tales of a unique land, and taste the flavors and wines of an ancient island


During your next vacation, you will forget the routine, you will be led by the nature of our land, you will return home with renewed energy.

Are you traveling alone, as a couple or are you a group or a family?

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Le 4 imperdibili escursioni da fare in Sardegna

Archaeological Journey to Barumini

Discover the wonders of the only Unesco site in Sardinia

The archaeological area of Barùmini is one of the few fully excavated and best preserved nuragic sites in Sardinia: discover its secrets with us and how people lived in the Bronze Age.

Le 4 imperdibili escursioni da fare in Sardegna- rovine di nora

The ruins of Nora, a mediterranean crossroads

An archaeological journey to discover the ancient crossroads of the Mediterranean sea.

A jump in time to experience an era in which Sardinia was the center of a dense network of commercial traffic and the port of Nora, a safe berth for ships traveling throughout the Mediterranean.


The 4 must-see excursions in Sardinia

most suitable for you

Le 4 imperdibili escursioni da fare in Sardegna

Journey to Porto flavia and Mausa

Discover our mining history, between the sea and the mines!

Discovering the fascinating South-West coast of Sardinia, where the oldest rocks in Italy tell of the harshness of a mining history made of hard effort and sacrifice.

Le 4 imperdibili escursioni da fare in Sardegna

Discovering the city of Tharros

The adventure begins, where sea and archaeology meet!

An extraordinary journey through the history of Sardinia that will allow you to enjoy one of the most beautiful view on the island in the wonderfull peninsula of Capo San Marco.

Sardinia is another thing. Much wider, much more ordinary, not up-and-down at all, but running away into the distance.

Unremarkable ridges of moor-like hills running away, perhaps to a bunch of dramatic peaks on the southwest.

This gives a sense of space, which is so lacking in Italy.Lovely space about one, and travelling distances-nothing finished, nothing final.

It is like liberty itself…

D.H. Lawrence. Sea and Sardinia. 1921

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