The 6 best cultural experiences to do in Sardinia

to discover the culture, traditions and ancient flavors of a fascinating island

live with us the emotions of the most authentic Sardinia

for you the 4 must-see excursions to do in Sardinia chosen for your holidays

The 6 best cultural experiences to do in Sardinia

If you are looking for a must-see excursion in Sardinia to make your holidays unforgettable


Yes, planning vacations is often difficult: you know, the time available and the budget always seem to be not enough. Choosing where and what to do safely becomes stressful, but don’t worry:

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Thanks to our expert guides we have chosen for you

The 6 best cultural experiences to do in Sardinia

With our excursions, you will travel back in time, listen to stories and tales from a unique land, savor the delicacies and wines of an ancient island, always accompanied by specialized local guides who love their land,


During your next vacation, disconnect from the routine, let yourself be carried away by the nature of our land, it will return and return to your home with renewed energy.

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le 6 migliori esperienze culturali da fare in sardegna

Cagliari tour for family

Learn while having fun with your family

Discover the historic center of Cagliari with our tour for families with children and teenagers. Learn while having fun with your family!

le 6 migliori esperienze culturali da fare in sardegna tour in vigna

Cagliari wine tasting with a view

to savor the secrets of a city and beyond...

From Cagliari to the countryside for a wine tasting to taste the secrets of Sardinia countryside.

e 6 migliori esperienze culturali da fare in sardegna miniere

Craft beer tasting and mines

dunes, mines, nature and flavours of the south west

A trip in the southwest of Sardinia, to discover the history and stories of the miners, archaeology and the flavors of a unique land.


The 6 best cultural experiences to do in Sardinia

most suitable for you

viaggi emozionanti in sardegna experience archeologia e antichi sapori

Visit to an archaeological site and fresh pasta laboratory

archaeology and ancient flavors 

We will go to the Iglesiente mountains and visit the spectacular Roman temple of Antas, surrounded by mountains and oak forests that act as a natural amphitheater.

Le 4 imperdibili escursioni da fare in Sardegna

Wine, sea, nature and mines: Porto Flavia

visit a mining site, visit the vineyard and wine tasting

Explore one of the most spectacular panoramas in Sardinia: sea and old mines, rocks and cliffs, interrupted by ruins of abandoned mining buildings that are reflected in the blue and wild sea.

le 6 migliori esperienze culturali da fare in Sardegna

Barumini: between archaeology and wine

archaeology, countryside and flavors of Sardinia

You will have the opportunity to visit the most important archaeological site in Sardinia discovering its history. You will savor the tastes of its land: wine, in a bio-integral vineyard surrounded by nature.

Sardinia is another thing. Much wider, much more ordinary, not up-and-down at all, but running away into the distance.

Unremarkable ridges of moor-like hills running away, perhaps to a bunch of dramatic peaks on the southwest.

This gives a sense of space, which is so lacking in Italy.Lovely space about one, and travelling distances-nothing finished, nothing final.

It is like liberty itself…

D.H. Lawrence. Sea and Sardinia. 1921

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