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Archaeological private tour to the ruins of Nora

If your passion is archaeology you are in the right place!

Archaeological journey to discover the ancient crossroads of the Mediterranean

Archaeological private tour to the ruins of Nora

Archaeological private tour to the ruins of Nora, an unmissable opportunity to discover the most authentic Sardinia and the true soul of the island in complete safety.
viaggi archeologici alle rovine di Nora mosaici casa dell'atrio tetrastiloi

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Archaeological private tour to the ruins of Nora

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Why choose an Archaeological Trip to the ruins of Nora?

  • In a single excursion you will discover the history and the naturalistic value of a splendid bay bordered by two promontories, which is located in one of the most renowned tourist destinations in southern Sardinia.
  • You will discover the traditions related to the church of Sant ‘Efisio, centre of one of the most heartfelt religious festivals in Sardinia, followed each year by tens of thousands of people.
  • It will be an extraordinary journey through the history of Sardinia, a thousand-year-long leap in time to experience an era when the island was the centre of a dense network of commercial traffic, and this port was frequented by ships that traveled throughout the Mediterranean.
  • You will enjoy a magnificent panorama of the sea.
  • It is one of the most visited sites in the region, 40 minutes by car from Cagliari, and one of the best-preserved Roman cities in Sardinia.
  • You will forget the busy life and be fascinated by the beauty of the coasts and the clearness of the Sardinian sea.
  • All our excursions are guaranteed by our highly specialized staff, mindful of your safety, and we will be with you from the very first moment; to make your experience truly unique.
  • We offer guided tour services in English and in Spanish.
  • You will be joined, not by a simple local guide but by an archaeologist specialized in Sardinia’s prehistory.
  • You will broaden your cultural background.

“dialoghi archeologici”


parola alla storia

When is it best to visit the ruins of Nora?

Nora can be visited in any season, although it is better to avoid the hottest hours of summer, since the shaded areas are few. The best season to visit the ancient city of Nora is the spring.

Book now Archaeological private tour to the ruins of Nora

give yourself an unforgettable trip to Sardinia

Which kind of clothing is recommended for your visit?

Clothing should be chosen primarily in relation to the season.

As a rule, you can follow the good old principle of dressing in layers and wearing comfortable footwear.

Are there any special bans for visitors?

Dogs can access the archaeological area of Nora.
It is not possible to access the site independently, but is required to visit the site with staff.

Is the archaeological site of Nora accessible to the disabled?

It is partially accessible to disabled people.

Archaeological private tour to the ruins of Nora

Are there tourist and restaurant services?

In the archaeological site there is a coffee area with a book shop, and a store where you can buy local crafts and typical products. Nearby there are restaurants that serve typical food.

Is there a minimum number of participants for the tour?

There is no minimum number of participants. The maximum number is 8 people. For more than 8 people it is necessary to rent a minibus with driver, to guarantee the transfer.

What payment methods do you accept for archaeological trips to the ruins of Nora?

Bank transfer, cash, paypal.

Archaeological private tour to the ruins of Nora

What can you add to the visit to Nora?

To make your archaeological trip to the ruins of Nora even more exciting the tour can be combined to discover the secrets of Cagliari or alternatively, you can choose one of our “experiences” or you can visit the nuraghe Sa Domu e S’Orcu, Sarroch .

Details of private tour

Details of Nora private tour: 4 hours
Difficulty: easy
Additional services: Transfer

Stages Guided tour:

where we are

Pula is a treasure chest of natural, archaeological and cultural wealth without equals on the Island.

As well as Pula’s summer nightlife, with events and aperitifs in the squares, there are also excursions and sporting activities.

Duration of the guided tour: 4 hours

Difficulty: easy

Additional services: Transfer

Stages Guided tour:
  • Nora archaeological site


Make the visit to a more experimental historical site combining it with one of our “Experiences” where you will be the protagonist: this will make the day even more complete and exciting.


Archaeological private tour to the ruins of Nora

 you will discover

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Why did the Phoenicians choose this place?

The Phoenicians, around the end of the seventh century A.D., occupied the area, useful as a foothold in the trade routes that united the east and west of the Mediterranean, with a commercial emporium.

Why the stele of Nora is so important?

The stele of Nora is particularly important because it is the oldest attestation (in Phoenician) of the name of Sardinia (Srdn).

This stele talks about the construction of a sanctuary dedicated to the god Pumay (male deity known in Cyprus and Carthage) or, according to another interpretation, a military expedition is mentioned.

How was Nora discovered?

The re-emergence of a part of the Punic tophet following a storm (1889) began the excavations.

Archaeological excavations proper started only in 1952, and ended in 1977; then roads and buildings were discovered, Punic and Roman fortifications (Coltellazzo Cape) and Roman tombs, in the area of the isthmus and the thermal baths; part of the city still remains to be excavated.

Why is the church of Sant'Efisio so important for Cagliari?

The church of Sant ‘Efisio in Nora is linked to one of the most important and heartfelt religious festivals in Sardinia: the feast of Sant’ Efisio which takes place in Cagliari on May 1st each year.

During this festival we remember the Fourth Century warrior martyr who, having become a saint, according to tradition, saved Cagliari from the plague of 1652: an entire island stops to repeat a rite almost four centuries long.

Those who travel with me are an active part and make their own contribution to each experience, with their own character and personality

Laura Sedda tourist guide

Archaeologist specialized in prehistory of Sardinia

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