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Archaeological private tour to Tharros ans Sinis

If your passion is archaeology you are in the right place!

Discover with us one of the most important archaeological sites in Sardinia

Archaeological private tour to Tharros ans Sinis

Archaeological private tour to Tharros ans Sinis, an unmissable opportunity to discover the most authentic Sardinia and the true soul of the island in complete safety.
Archaeological private tour to Tharros ans Sinis

If you are looking for a must-see excursion in Sardinia to make your holidays unforgettable


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Archaeological private tour to Tharros ans Sinis

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Why choose an Archaeological Trips to Tharros?

  • You will take an extraordinary journey through the history of Sardinia, that will allow you to enjoy one of the most beautiful views on the island; in the wonderful peninsula of Capo San Marco.
  • We will visit the ruins of Tharros, which show the greatness of one of the most important cities of the island in Punic and Roman times.
  • We will discover, in the village of San Salvatore, the evidence of sailors who came here from many different parts of the Mediterranean, attracted by faith;
  • You will discover the traditions related to the “Corsa degli scalzi” (barefoot race) of Cabras village.
  • You will forget the busy life and be enchanted by the charm of the coasts and the clearness of the Sardinian sea.
  • You will forget the busy life and be fascinated by the beauty of the coasts and the clearness of the Sardinian sea.
  • All our excursions are guaranteed by our highly specialized staff, mindful of your safety, and we will be with you from the very first moment; to make your experience truly unique.
  • We offer guided tour services in English and in Spanish.
  • You will be joined, not by a simple local guide but by an archaeologist specialized in Sardinia’s prehistory.
  • You will broaden your cultural background.

“dialoghi archeologici”


parola alla storia

When is it best to visit Tharros?

Nora can be visited in any season, although it is better to avoid the hottest hours of summer, since the shaded areas are few. The best season to visit Tharros is the spring.

Book now Archaeological private tour to Tharros ans Sinis

give yourself an unforgettable trip to Sardinia

Which kind of clothing is recommended for your visit?

Clothing should be chosen primarily in relation to the season.

As a rule, you can follow the good old principle of dressing in layers and wearing comfortable footwear.

Are there any special bans for visitors?

Dogs can access the archaeological area of Tharros.

Is the archaeological site of Tharros accessible to the disabled?

It is partially accessible to disabled people.

Archaeological private tour to Tharros ans Sinis

Are there tourist and restaurant services?

In the archaeological site there is a coffee area with a book shop, and a store where you can buy local crafts and typical products. Nearby there are restaurants that serve typical food.

Is there a minimum number of participants for the tour?

There is no minimum number of participants. The maximum number is 8 people. For more than 8 people it is necessary to rent a minibus with driver, to guarantee the transfer.

What payment methods do you accept for archaeological trip?

Bank transfer, cash, paypal.

Archaeological private tour to Tharros ans Sinis

What can you add to the visit to Tharros?


To make your archaeological journey to Tharros and Sinis even more exciting, you can visit the Church of San Giovanni di Sinis, one of the oldest in Sardinia, or take a walk to Capo San Marco from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view.

If you prefer, taste the typical cuisine of the area with a lunch on a farm, or visit one of the beautiful beaches of Oristano.

For archaeology lovers, visit the Archaeological Museum of Cabras, one of the most interesting archaeological museums on the island where it is possible to see some of the Monte Prama statues, considered among the most important archaeological finds in Sardinian history.

Details of private tour

Details of private tour: 4 hours
Difficulty: mediaum
Additional services: Transfer


where we are

It is the ideal place for a holiday in the pursuit of nature and culture. Cabras looks out onto about 30 kilometres of coastline, where the marine area of the Sinis peninsula stretches between the bay of Is Arenas and the Gulf of Oristano.

The protected area also includes the island of Mal di Ventre and the little islet of Catalano, where the wreckages of ancient ships lie on the seabeds.

Duration of the guided tour: 4 hours

Difficulty: medium

Additional services: Transfer



Make the visit to a more experimental historical site combining it with one of our “Experiences” where you will be the protagonist: this will make the day even more complete and exciting.


Archaeological private tour to Tharros ans Sinis

 you will discover

Archaeological private tour to Tharros ans Sinis
Where is Tharros Located?

It is located in the municipality of Cabras, west of Sardinia.

The archaeological site of Tharros fascinates the visitor both for the history of this ancient city, once a thriving center, and for its position with a stunning view of the Gulf of Oristano.

Why was it abandoned?

The continuous pirates raids led the population to move to the hinterland, where the city of Oristano stands today, protected behind the Cabras ponds.

What film was shot in San Salvatore in the 1960s?

San Salvatore di Sinis is a small village, which in the 1960s and 1970s was used as a film set for western movies, such as “Giarrettiera Colt”
whose protagonist inspired the director Tarantino when he conceived the protagonist of his movie “Kill Bill”.


Why are the locals so attached to the village of San Salvatore?

The village of San Salvatore is full of spirituality and is one of the most fascinating places of worship in Sardinia: it has attracted believers and devotees to different religions from prehistoric times until today, without interruption.

Those who travel with me are an active part and make their own contribution to each experience, with their own character and personality

Laura Sedda tourist guide

Archaeologist specialized in prehistory of Sardinia

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